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We at Canada Powertrain are expert rebuilders from transmissions to differentials.

A top of the line transmission can be the difference between getting where you need to go and being stuck on the side of the road. Any downtime means lost revenue, and that’s before you factor in the cost of new parts and service repairs. Doesn’t it make sense to buy your transmissions from the #1 Rebuilder in Canada? It can be hard to choose where to buy, but Canada Powertrain, we offer transmissions built by Canada’s only Eaton Authorized Rebuilder, Pacific Truck. In congruence with Eaton, we offer a real-time warranty, and Roadranger support. Canada Powertrain has provided our customers with the highest quality drivetrain parts for over 40 years.

So what makes a rebuilt transmission from Pacific Truck a step above the rest?

We don’t fill our shelves with offshore components that have not been tested for Canada. We are a Meritor House, a Spicer House, and an Eaton House. Better Brands Means Better Components. When you add the best in class Rebuilding Expertise, it means you produce the best overall Units. Let’s take a quick look at the difference between a standard rebuilt transmission and a Pacific Truck rebuilt transmission that is only available here at Canada Powertrain.

A Standard Rebuilt Transmission

A Pacific Truck Rebuilt Transmission

Rebuilt with used components

Rebuilds transmissions to meet or even exceed a brand-new OEM transmission.

Components and the core are not properly surface blasted and cleaned

Cleaning, inspecting and replacing worn out parts

Hard to tell if the components have a high usage history or poor maintenance history

Precisely remanufactured to ensure proper operating pressures

Greater chance of failure

All core material is inspected, checked against OEM specifications for correct dimensional tolerances

Lack the proper testing and warranty coverage

Testing of the transmission is performed to manufacturer measured specifications

Always insist on Pacific Truck Drivetrain Units from your current supplier. We supply and distribute across Canada so it’s easy to make the right choice no matter where you are.

Component        Time for Service

Flywheel                 With Transmission or Clutch Work

Driveline                 Experiencing Vibration

Transmission         Experiencing Shifting Difficulty

Clutch                      Experiencing Shifting Difficulty

Differential              When Necessary

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